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Trampoline Team - Drug Culture 7"

by Trampoline Team


"Trampoline Team may very well be the best band currently playing in the classic Rip Off Records style of garage-punk on the planet right now. For real. Sounds like a dubious distinction, but it's a real compliment as far as I'm concerned. They're the Loli & The Chones of today. And it's not just rote imitation - I mean I can't say they're modernizing the sound necessarily, but they play it like it's their own and don't sound or look like civil war re-enactors. This is genuine garage-punk, not whatever the term has been bastardized into these days. Fast, loud, agressive, just a bit of lo-fi slop, it's perfect. "Drug Culture" pokes fun at dopers with gang vox, a non-stop riff and a blistering solo. "I Don't Play Games" is in the grand tradition of "fuck you" songs with Shelby tackling the vox alone, plenty of cursing, simple-yet-effective chorus ("...that shit is lame!"), solo is of the screeching variety here. A perfect two-songs-and-out single, right down the B&W artwork. Pretty much everything that is good about this style done up perfectly. Go get one now." - Terminal Boredom